Equine Chiropractic FAQ

Why does my animal need chiropractic care?

First, every doctor knows the brain and nervous system, whether it is in horses, dogs or humans, controls and coordinates all body functions from breathing, to digestion, to muscular movements. Second, pressure exerted on nerves from misalignment of bones, ligaments and tendons decreases the nerves ability to carry messages between the brain and the body. This can result in pain, altered body function and inefficient movement.  Chiropractic care serves to restore normal nerve activity by gently moving bones, ligaments and tendons back into alignment, so your animal, no matter what kind, can function and live fully and happily. 

Can chiropractic care enhance my animal’s athletic performance?

Of course. This can be accomplished in two ways. First, aligning joints properly to improve biomechanics can greatly increase muscle efficiency, leading to greater speed and strength. Second, improving the function of motor nerves to muscle groups can also enhance strength and coordination. 

How does chiropractic work?

All living things have an innate ability to heal and self regulate.  This innate power is controlled and coordinated by the brain and nervous system. When communication between the brain and the body is diminished by bone and soft tissue misalignment putting pressure on nerves, then the function of tissues and organs is also impaired. The job of the chiropractor is to locate the problem joint or joints and put them back into alignment to restore normal nerve function.  Once this is accomplished, mind/body communication is re-established for healing and coordination. 

How does my animal come to need chiropractic care?

The most obvious causes are physical. Repetitive activities like fetching, tugging and agility games for dogs and barrel racing, jumping and dressage for horses are major joint stressors. Quick motions, trips, slips and falls are also causes. Even just “laying around” can stress body joints. 

How long does my animal need chiropractic care?

There is no general rule of thumb because it depends on the animal’s age and condition. Once your animal gets relief from any problems, such as a painful gait, or abnormal body function, you may chose to continue with some type of periodic care.  “Wellness” care helps support structural changes and helps resolve new problems before you know they exist. 


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